September 2014

A screenshot from CLC

Online Education on Copper at your Fingertips

CDA has launched a new digital informational tool, the Copper Learning Center, providing students and industry professionals easy access to extensive information on copper and its many applications. We have gathered information from industry experts in order to provide the most accurate information on copper usage in industry and manufacturing.

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Fire sprinkler

Copper Fire Sprinklers: Safety Overhead

Longevity, low maintenance and ease and versatility of design and installation make copper piping ideal for sprinkler systems, providing safety and fire protection in today's modern buildings.

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Electrical panel

DIY: Mapping Electrical Circuits in Your Home

Prepare for emergencies or just evaluate if the electrical circuitry in your home is keeping up with your modern lifestyle. Learning about your home's inner wiring can have many advantages. Why not give it a try? [Photo courtesy of Eli Duke]

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